Candy Behr
Modern Fantasy
Kassander Essair

Cassandra Goth's life is normal, you know, normal for the Goth family. But things take a sudden sharp turn, when secrets from her family's past begin to resurface and old grudges are born anew, and her life becomes a little more eventful than she bargained for. As she navigates growing up and learning who she is, she must also figure out how to stand in the face of adversity, for the sake of her family and maybe all of Magic Realm, and stop an evil that has been growing for generations before it destroys everything.

This is my second or third Legacy challenge in The Sims 4. I had a few other ones that I was doing, but they fell through for one reason or another, and I don't like adopting, which is hilarious because I want to adopt in real life. Anyway, so for this Legacy, I decided to go with the iconic Goth family. I mean, they're already basically a legacy in all but name as it is. May as well embrace it, right?

Tell Me a Tale (Of Magic) was started in July of 2019, though I restarted it twice, and then a third time when Realm of Magic was released. The current version of it was started September 28, 2019. Technically, TMaT is older than OFAF, then, which was started two months later on November 30, 2019, but I've made no progress on it since OFAF took over my life. Honestly, I don't know when I'll get around to updating it, but I have all of Generation 0 outlined and ready to go, and a good deal of Generation 1.

My Legacies tend to have a prologue generation, a generation where the founding Sim is a teenager that sets the stage for the legacy and explains, in universe, why the legacy exists and why the founder decides to found it. This is, of course, based on Pinstar's legacy challenge, but I do and always have found the rules restrictive and have changed them.

  • This is a spellcaster legacy, so all heirs must be an active spellcaster.
  • All heirs must additionally have one of the bloodline traits. It must never blood out entirely, but can fluctuate in strength.
  • Heirs may be either gender, readership will vote in the heir. At the absence of such readership available for voting, I'll likely do a coin toss.
  • If an heir dies early, the next-highest voted sibling takes over, or the oldest.
  • The heir must live at the legacy estate for as long as they are heir. If they've moved out of household, they're not ineligible, but have to move back immediately after assuming the heir title.
  • No money cheats, or anything that will give a significant advantage in career, but other cheats are free-game. (Listen, playing a spellcaster is like playing a giant cheating module and I will not defend that shit, so cheats are just whatever.)
  • No anti-ageing or anti-death items. The potions and spell that came with Realm of Magic must also be avoided.
  • No restrictions on which Sim an heir can marry or move into the legacy estate, because fuck you, if I'm dealing with them for an entire generation, I'm going to bloody like them.
  • I will also be playing with mods in, and some of them do give a notable advantage merely re: the sheer stupid they side-step.

This one is not a screenshot heavy one. OFAF may be about to follow in its footsteps, too.

Generation 0