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Modern Fantasy
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Hello and welcome to Winterlight, a text-based modern fantasy role-play site. We're glad to have you! Before we get started, there are a couple things to know about Winterlight and how it's run.

  1. Treat others how you would like them to treat you. Behavioural issues will be dealt with on a case by case basis, and players are expected to be able to manage themselves and work out disagreements between each other peaceably.
  2. Mature content may occur on this site. It must be opted into, and by doing so, one is affirming and taking responsibility for that affirmation that they are at or above the age of eighteen (18). The staff cannot be held responsible for what a user reads and engages in after affirming this.
  3. We have no required word count, no character caps, no gender/race bans, and no application. Users may fill in a Sim's / character's profile at will with as much, or as little, as they deem necessary. How this impacts their plotting opportunities may vary.
  4. Communicate with fellow players. If something isn't working, or the interest in something is waning, just say so.
  5. Players that haven't been seen in a month or more will be archived. Nothing is deleted, so archived players may return later, though may lose face claims.
  6. Please do not post images in in-character posts, and try not to use very bright, neon, or otherwise blinding colours in them.
  7. On the LSV (language, sex, violence) scale, we are at 3.2.2. in standard threads. This means language is not monitored, just use common sense, while sex and violence may be alluded to, but not written out in great detail. S and V go up to 3 in mature threads, so remember to mark mature threads as such.
  8. While no claim can be used at all if desired, we do prefer either video game art, or artwork. There is a Create-A-Sim demo available for PC, you can get that here if you don't have the game and would like to use Sims 4 graphics.
  9. Avatar images are 250x250. Remember to lock ratio before resizing images so that the dimension ratio stays the same and the image doesn't distort. The larger image is 275x500. If you need help with images, you can ask in Discussion, or our Discord's #graphics-help channel.