Iname Shiba
Modern Fantasy
Sitkamose Kartoum

Written between 2014 and 2019 | Last Updated April 11, 2020

There are a number of races available for play on Winterlight. Most of these are quite standard races, but we have some that have non-standard lore to them.


Aliens come in a range of green, blue, and purple skin tones, with odd eyes and sometimes pointed ears. Some aliens have hair, some don't. Features of each individual alien may be different, but they all come from a different planet that has been in contact with the human planet for some time, even though most humans don't know that. Aliens can disguise themselves as normal humans and blend in, though true-aliens, born and raised as an alien, have very different cultural quirks and often seem very eccentric to humans.

Aliens can have children with humans, though the resulting offspring is half-human and half-alien and their powers dim. Aliens can read minds, erase memories, feel the same emotions someone else is, and transmute metals, crystals, and elements into another type. When feeling a strong emotion, an alien will glow. There are... less friendly ways of having offspring with humans, and this will result in a pureblood alien.


Creatures of pure energy born of the sands of the Sahara, the djinn are strong magic users once trapped in lamps, amphoras, and bottles by a curse and more recently freed. Djinn typically appear much like humans, though some odd skin, eye, and hair colourations may occur. Djinn are held together by an energy core, usually hidden inside their body somewhere, with the core acting like a planet holding the atmosphere (the body) together around it.

As djinn are pure energy, they cannot die, not the way humans know it. Instead, a djinn's energy shifts and changes over time, and eventually, their core stops being able to hold a body together and contain energy, thus the energy that makes them up releases, and the djinn ceases to exist. No one knows if djinn have souls, so no one knows what happens to them after.


The fairies are many and varied. Most know about the small sprite and pixie-like creatures with wings, but fairies also come in taller, willowy graceful forms, the form of humanoid animals, and other such. There are many things classified as a 'fairy,' and not all are the Celtic sidhe. Thus, the many kinds of 'fairy' have different ways of life and societal structures, but they are notably unified in their love of mischief.

One kind of fairy, the vanir, graceful creatures with pointed ears and the ability to shift between human-size and pixie-size, unknown to most are the fairies from which humans learnt to use magic. However, a true vanir is rare to see, as most dwell within the void and watch over the chaos.


Humans are of course like any other human. Though their world is inspired by the real world earth, it isn't quite the same. Most humans live their daily lives unaware of the supernatural and the occults that exist around them, but others are very aware of it, indeed.


Creatures of the sea, mermaids are considered a kind of water elemental, and they have power over water that others don't. Bringers of storms, both figurative and literal, mermaids are tricksters skilled with the manipulation of emotions. Water holds memory, and mermaids can manipulate that memory to an extent. They do cross quite rapidly into dangerous territory when they feel threatened, or that becoming dangerous will be more beneficial to them.

Humans know them by many names; sirens, undines, naiads, and similar. Mermaids do have something of a social hierarchy, but since the fall of Atlantis, this hierarchy is flimsy at best and the vast majority of merfolk live among humans undetected. Their siren songs influence other beings' emotions and thought processes quite readily, even other occults, and they can make others feel certain emotions however intensely they like, even changing memories to their whims and causing rather realistic hallucinations. However, some have been known to help other races, too.


The vampires call themselves the starchildren, and they are powerful predators. Though the starchildren feed on blood to power their abilities, essentially they feed on psychic energy. Ambient energy from thoughts, emotions, and memories is usually enough to sustain them, but they can also absorb that energy more directly through physical contact, and cause those memories, thoughts, and emotions to disappear or dim in intensity. Eventually, they learn to enhance a feeling or memory already present, as well. Their weakness to sunlight can eventually be overcome, much like the rest of their weaknesses, and a vampire can even learn to become decently strong in daylight.

Starchildren can also form blood-bonds with other creatures, tying the life force of the two together. This process requires consumption of one another's blood, and mortals given vampire blood become stronger, faster, and stop ageing. The bond may be broken, however, but it takes time and causes effects a bit like drug withdrawal. The bond must be strengthened at least once a month with another feeding, but only a drop is required once the bond is formed. Starchildren gather in covens, some very dangerous, while others go unnoticed. Truly errant covens are destroyed by the first or second coven, these being the Drago di Napoli and Desert Storm.


Witches are humans that were taught to use magic by the vanir, though none now remember this. Witches built the Magic Realm in order to give themselves a safe place to practise magic in peace without fear of persecution, but it is now being destroyed by an invisible vortex none know how to stop. The magic realm is held together by something called the All, which the witches know as the source of all magic, and that which magic realm was built around. The Sages, masters of each of the five branches of magic, protect the All, magic realm, and pass the usage of magic to the next generation. While spellcasters are not innately immortal, they can become so, though the potion of eternity only grants biological immortality and one can still die from disease and accident. Stopping death entirely was a gift, not something witches have learnt to do on command.

Many witches tell of an odd buzzing present in magic realm, which becomes a grating screeching one can't quite make out when using destructive magic. It is heard outside of magic realm when using destructive magic as well, though some witches hear it as a screeching first, and then it becomes a chiming, sorrowful song. Some humans can commune with nature spirits and persuade them to work with them to achieve magical effects without the use of the All's magic, these are called wiccans and shamans. Some people, some witches and some not, show clairvoyance abilities, astral projection, and similar skill, but no one knows how they work or why some can use them and some cannot. Necromancy is possible, but it is a trait one is born with, not something one can freely learn.