Caleb Morales
Modern Fantasy
Emery Varley

Two young spellcasters from France take shelter in Magic Realm, each seeking to master their craft and forge a better life for themselves. In time, they grow into their own, but as they grow, so do darker things, darker things that threaten both their relationship with each other, and all of Magic Realm. But the wheels have begun to turn, the sorrowful song somewhere in Magic Realm grows louder, and whether they like it or not, they’re in the middle of it. You have to lose, sometimes, to know how to win.

The story that started it all. I copied Morgyn Ember, and made Damian Ember (whom I later renamed Ezio, because Damian was a randomly generated name that had no meaning for him or me). And then he married Cassandra. And then Cassandra stole the Vatores, turned them human, then stole Morgyn, Morgyn turned Caleb into a spellcaster, and craziness happened; it took on a life of its own, and now we’re here with the combined story, Of Frost and Fire, which was formerly called Make Me Bad. This story will eventually get a rework and be published as an original tale.

Of Frost and Fire eventually gave birth to Winterlight, as this site is based on the lore that I came up with for the story.

Warning: This is not very heart-warming at all. It’s very sad, it’s pretty heart-breaking, it seems to go all the wrong ways all the time and it’s probably kind of emotionally exhausting. But I love it all the same.

Part I: Tell Me Lies

Little Lies, Fleetwood Mac

Part II: Throw Me Away

  • Coming Soon.

Part III: Give Me Hope

  • Coming Soon.

Part IV: Make Me Believe

  • Coming Soon.

Part V: Calling Me Home

  • Coming Soon.