Emery Varley
Modern Fantasy
Brandon Soriano

Written June 12, 2008 | Last Updated April 11, 2020

In the world of Winterlight, magic is a natural force akin to gravity, which, unbeknownst to those that use it, originates from the chaos that resides in the void. In the beginning, of course, there was nothing, except the void, and potential. That potential is chaos. Magic was one of the things born from the chaos; all of existence was another. Souls and the hearts of man are made of chaos; such is why humans can be so terribly unpredictable. Someday, all things return to the chaos, and one day, everything will. Magic was mastered first by the fairies, though they're not all fairy creatures, it's just what humans call them, as they were the keepers and watchers of the chaos of the void and have an innate talent with chaos, and thus magic.

It was the fairies that taught humans how to use magic, but their warning not to push too far went unheeded. As humans oft do, they pushed too far, and were lost to it. Some of the chaos escaped, and entered our world, and the witches there with their heads still on straight did the best they could to contain it. Though none now live that remember, the All was what was created to contain it, and still does even now.

Magic has several kinds. However, these types or schools of magic are not necessarily opposing. Rather, they operate differently, but each is necessary, and none are inherently stronger against another kind. There is no real such thing as "white" or "black" magic, or even good or evil magic, as this is too strict and close-minded a way of thinking. Instead, what makes magic good or bad is how a witch uses it. One can kill with sunlight, the same as one can use blood magic to heal. They are all essentially different facets of the same thing.


Each of the branches of magic have 99 spells in them. However, spells can be cast wordlessly, and later one can learn to fuse spells together for different effects, making the actual possibilities of magic quite expansive. We will not be outright naming all 99 spells of each of our branches, so players and characters can get as creative as they like.

In Magic Realm, there are Sages of each of the branches, who pass on knowledge of how to use the branch's magic to greatest effect, and teach other witches the ultimate spells of the branch when they are ready. Notably, somewhere in Magic Realm, no one's sure exactly where, is a grating screeching, but some speak of how it is not a screaming, but rather a mournful song. Outside of the branches is also alchemy, which can be used to brew potions of varying effects, and enchant items.

Our branches are:

  • DarkCurrent Sage: None
    Dark magic works with restraining and binding, causing weakness or despair, and illusion.
  • DestructiveCurrent Sage: Morgyn Eisenstern
    Destructive magic causes damage, typically elemental in nature, with no other real effects. Destructive mages tend to be most susceptible to the screaming in magic realm.
  • Light ♦ Current Sage: Simeon Raikov
    Light magic deals primarily in healing, strengthening, and assisting with every day struggles.
  • Necromancy ♦ Current Sage: Ezio Eisenstern
    Unlike in most tales, necromancy acts as the bridge between the living and the dead, with necromancers working to help restless ghosts find peace, and the living come to terms with death. Necromancers are born, not made.
  • Summoning ♦ Current Sage: None
    Summoning does exactly what it says, but of course, can be used to summon objects and creatures both.