Cassandra Goth
Modern Fantasy
Alexander Goth

Written February 6, 2020

When we think about role-play, what comes to mind? Probably something that it isn't. A common description used for role-playing is collaborative, round-Robin styled writing. Through role-play, of whatever medium we favour, people craft stories with one another, each adding a little after the other player, to create a cohesive story. One somewhat needs to rethink how they understand the term 'story,' for a role-play's story is rarely ever 'done.' There may be many different stories going at once on the same site, with characters involved in all of them, only a few, or even only their own personal story, as each character has a story to tell, and the platform to tell it on.

Thus, very large role-playing games can be somewhat overwhelming to try keeping up with, as there will likely be many things going on at once, and the cast constantly changing and evolving. Characters will face conflicts, overcome them, and then face new challenges over time, and these challenges will inevitably alter their personality and their values. We know this as character development.

Role-play can be done many different ways. A site like Simprovise runs on a forum software, and operates as a play-by-post. This means that the players on it post messages back and forth to write together. Each takes a turn writing a bit, then ends the post and the next player takes their turn, each player building on one another in order to weave their tale together. There are also play-by-email mediums, as well as chat/IM, but these are all still text-based and work much the same way at the core.

As you go through the beginners guides on this site, you'll be introduced to a variety of different topics for role-playing, so that you can get an idea of how it works before you get started playing. Simprovise is not the only role-playing site that is out there, there are a large number of them all over the internet on a variety of platforms, and these guides aim to ready a player to play here, or anywhere else.